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Build epic Angular components the right way in no time

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Ultimate Component Library Starter

Prooven best practices
Stop losing sleep over Angular setup and tooling. Elevate your productivity and get your first component done and dusted in record time!
IT's Effective
What would you do with extra time on your hands, knowing that setting up a component library is a breeze every time? With our starter, you don’t have to worry about the endless research, development time, and intricate know-how. With our help, you can spend more time implementing your components and solving problems on the daily.
It's Comprehensive
Get a strong component-building foundation with everything you need to get started, from library setup to Showcase, Code Preview, API Docs, Splash Screens, Testing… if it’s to do with building Angular components, it’s to do with our starter!
It's Built for Performance
Performance and productivity are the two most important keywords, which is why our library setup is built with both in mind. We leverage subentries to promise the best possible tree-shaking and code-splitting for your consumers and clients, so you can breathe easier.

This starter is for you if you want to...

  • Improve Angular performance with a high-quality component library
  • Stop wasting precious time on setup and tooling implementation
  • Follow best practices and implement a component library with confidence
  • Confidently showcase finished components to designers, developers, and product-owners
  • Simplify the lives of your company’s developers by documenting how to use and test your component


This Angular component starter library is NOT an expense. It’s an investment into a better, easier, and more streamlined future! As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a private link which you can access to download the entire project as a .ZIP file. You can customize the Showcase to reflect your company, made easy with the support of our customization wizard. You’ll be asked a few simple questions to make Showcase adjustment effortless. This starter pack includes:

Customize the Angular component showcase starter

A Customization Wizard

  • Easily adjust code to match your company, from components to modules and beyond
  • Modify all configurations to align with your company name
  • Rename every directory to feature your company name
  • Customize the color palette to reflect your brand’s coloring
  • Input all correct URLs into your Showcase project, from Jira to Repo and beyond

Library Setup

  • Effortlessly setup and build small yet performant Angular libraries with ng-packagr subentries
  • Access schematics to generate new subentries
  • Guidance through the full setup to create Angular harness classes for your library components
  • Export public SCSS helpers and CSS components
  • Support with the full Jest unit test and coverage setup
  • A mobile-first approach for your peace of mind
Angular compoonent starter library setup
Angular compoonent starter showcase setup

Showcase Setup

  • Fully automated accessibility setup.
  • Tailor your Showcase with ease with your customization script
  • Setup your Showcase with a splash screen
  • Full search functionality for your Showcase
  • Full setup and tooling to display Showcase module import statements, component API and HTML code, TypeScript, styles, and much more
  • Full setup and tooling to display how to test a Showcase component
  • Full Jest unit test setup + coverage

Full Technological Integration

  • Angular

    Angular component showcase starter is built with Angular v12
  • RxJS

    Angular component showcase starter is uses RxJS
  • TypeScript

    Angular component showcase starter is uses TypeScript
  • Sass

    Angular component showcase starter is uses Sass
  • Angular Material CDK

    Angular component showcase starter is uses the CDK
  • Jest

    Angular component showcase starter is uses Jest

Do you have a question

If you’re still not convinced that this starter is for you – or if you have any questions before committing – please don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember, it’s not an expense. It’s an investment into having more time on your hands to focus on building your applications with confidence, knowing Angular component-building is simpler and more streamlined than ever. Start a conversation with us below, or try our FREE live demo.